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Gwen Fanfiction Links
Devil is Electric - Gwenslash! OMG Gwenslash! *loves*
Sparkage - great 'shipper site dedicated to Gwen/Gunn
Trembling Touches - brilliant little Gwen/Angel site, with a small but growing archive
Turn Me Off - another Gwen/Gunn 'shipper site (inactive)
What My Heart Says - Gwen/Gunn writers' resource
Electrogwen - Gwen Raiden & Alexa Davalos LiveJournal community (the community of this site)
AlexaDavalosAKAGwenRaiden - list dedicated to both Gwen Raiden and the actress that plays her
Gunn_Gwen - list for Gunn/Gwen 'shippy goodness
GwenCrossings - list for Gwen-centric crossover fic
Gwen-Gunn - another Gwen/Gunn 'shippy list
Gwen_Raiden - Gwen fic list *pets it*
GwenUC - list for any non-conventional Gwen fic
ShockingFic - another Gwen/Gunn list
Slashing_Gwen - list for Gwenslash, because Gwen! slash!
Trembling_Touches - Gwen/Angel list

General Fanfiction Links
Alternate Angel - alternate universe fic based upon Angel
Bad Girls - the Buffy girls getting down to it . . . sometimes together, sometimes with the guys
Bad Side of Town - uberlarge archive with some of your darker fic
Better Buffy Fiction Archive - archive of recommended fic
Blood and Beers - drunken fic. cause that's always fun
Buffy Fiction Archive - huge all-pairing Buffyverse autoarchive
Call of the Dark - darker fic, with a section for those not old enough to read the adult stuff
Campfire Tales - very high-quality dark fic archive, with resources related to writing dark fic
Challenge in a Can - very nifty challenge site for BtVS/Angel and X-Men with an archive of responses
Dead Letters Home - what if your favorite character got to write a letter to someone before/during/after death?
eterniata eros (unbound) - large high-quality archive - all fandoms, all sorts of fic . . . kind of known as the gutter of fandom, but there are some real gems if you're willing to search
Having a Thought - archive for the BuffyAngelImprov
The Id - wonderful site full of romance and erotica fic
Laugh Out Loud - resource and archive dedicated to comedy fic . . . because we all need a good laugh sometimes
The Plural of Apocalypse - oh yeah baby, action fic . . . a prime Gwen genre
Silverlake - amazingly huge multifandom archive full with an overwhelming amount of quality fic
Slayer's Fanfic Archive - large any-pairing, any-rating archive
Slumber Party - femslash resource site with a small but growing archive
Spanking the Slayerettes - absolutely wonderful resource for kink fic, with a huge archive of naughty goodness
Stop! Rewind - exclusive archive
A Touch of Magic - resource and archive for magic-related fic
Twisting the Hellmouth - any and all crossover fic . . . large site with a multitude of fic and resources
UCSL - unbelievably huge archive containing all sorts of unconventional pairing fic
Your Mission - genius challenge site with tons of challenges to jump-start your muse, and a quality archive of challenge fic, from both onsite and offsite challenges
3somes_fic - list for threesome fic . . . which? yay!
AtSGirlslash - AtS femslash fic list
BA_unique_shippers - list for all sorts of 'shippery fic
bad_side_of_town - list for the site of the same name . . . darker fic
BestOfBuffyFic - all pairings, all genres, all high-quality . . . small, exclusive list
BtVS_Kink - oooh kinky . . . fic. kink fic list
BuffyFemSlashers - all BtVS/AtS femslash, all the time . . . very active list
PsychopathicBuffyverse - list for any BtVS/AtS fic that incorporates the mythology of the Insane Clown Posse
Sunnydale_Minors - list for fic centered around minor characters
SUFic - list for any 'shipper fic
UCSL - huge list for all unconventional fic
YourMission - list for challenges and challenge responses

Author Fanfiction Links
Katriena Knights
Misty Flores
Patricia RD
Spike's Slayer Vixen

Angel the Series Resource Links
Above the Law - a site dedicated to morality and metaphysics in BtVS and AtS
Angel Fanfiction Resources - fic resources focused on Angel
Angel's Acolyte - one of the best episodes guides around
An Angel's Soul - episode guide, media, cast info and quotes
City of Angel - not the official site but it might as well be
Flights of Angel - lots of pretty media, information about the show, ect.
Palpitate - directory of Buffyverse 'shipper sites
Psyche's Transcripts - BtVS and AtS transcripts as well as shooting scripts
Sonja Marie's BtVS Links - huge links site
To Shanshu in LA - media, info, fun, ect.
Vague it Up - essays and columns on BtVS and AtS

Art Resource Links
Chinese Jade in Context - an online exhibition of jade objets d'art

Clothes/Makeup Resource Links
All Together Leather - all about leather clothing
Sephora - for all the pricey makeup and perfume Miss Raiden seems to love

Crime/Law/Government Resource Links
California Penal Code - she's a criminal in California... even if it isn't quite believable that she'd be caught and sent to prison, taking a look at this couldn't hurt
Lawlinks - Gwen's a criminal . . . aren't you dying to know what kind of laws she's breaking? Well if not, you should find out anyway
Loyola Homepage on Strategic Intelligence - the kind of stuff that works well for a Gwen casefile
Murders, Crimes, and Scandals in Los Angeles - just what it says it is
Research Resource for Mystery and Crime Writers - valuable info for someone writing Gwen

Electricity Resource Links
How Does Electricity Work? - a scientific explanation

Adventures in Destruction: the Fight Scene - a how-to on fight scenes

Occult/Mythology Resource Links
Encyclopedia Mythica - encyclopedia of mythology, quite obviously
A Gallery of Demons - demons. because it's Angel fic. and you gotta have the demons
Occulopedia - information on the occult

Sex Resource Links
Clitical - all about women's sexuality . . . adults only
Deviant's Dictionary - info on BDSM, kink, ect. . . . adults only

Travel/Locale Information
Japan Travel Information - the kind of information a jetsetter like Ms. Raiden would need
Los Angeles - all about LA
Tahiti - a whole website dedicated to Tahiti

10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained
Bad Fanfic, No Biscuit!
Bedlam: About Writing
BuffyBetas yahoo!group
Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fan Fiction
Fan Fiction on the Net: A Writer's Reference
Fan Fiction Terms Glossary
Free Translation
Grammar Online
How to Write Almost Readable Fanfiction
Latin Dictionary
Mark Pritchard's Erotica Writing
Mary Sue Litmus Test (btvs/ats version)
Mirriam-Webster's Online Language Center
Self-Insertion and Mary-Sue-ism
SFWA's Links to Essays on Writing
Strunk and White's Elements of Style
World Lingo
Writing World
The Writer's Corner: Beta Reading Index
Writers' University

Gwen/Alexa Davalos Links
Alyson Hannigan Corner - Alexa Davalos - great screencaps and photos of Alexa . . . I adore this page. A lot.
Electrifying - official Gwen Raiden/Alexa Davalos fanlisting
Gwen Icons from Pretty Pieces of Paper

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