Welcome to Undisclosed-Location.org, the domain of Amberina. Below you will see links to sites hosted here. To your right, there's stuff such as a tagboard and an updates blog, among other things.

Beautiful Disaster

Amberina's personal fanfiction archive. Contains fic mostly centered in the Buffyverse, but also Veronica Mars and various other fandoms.

Doll Eyes

Whether you're writing about a swirling ball of mystical energy, an attention-hungry teenager or a grown woman with a knack for languages and getting herself into tight spots, we can help. Includes high-quality fanfiction archive, dozens of essays and numerous other resources. Dawn Summers zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild.

Lolita in Leather

Unconventional doesn't necessarily mean implausible here at LiL! Existing in one form or another since 2002, this site features a large archive, many essays and other resources, and of course slightly psychotic 'shipper ramblings. Join us in unconventional love, or just stare in wonder. Your choice. Dawn/Wesley zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild.


Smoky rooms. Heavy metal. Physics and post-slay Taco Bell runs. Rebellious is an archive and resource, featuring beta readers, essays, and more. Plus a really hot layout. Soon we will feature Faith/Illyria and Echo/Whiskey ("Dollhouse") fiction as well. Faith/Fred zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild. Updated 03/17/10.

Toque Electrico

Because Gwen is electrifyingly cool. Features a large archive, beta readers, essays, transcripts, and various other Gwen goodies. Gwen Raiden zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild. Updated 03/19/10.

Where's the Challenge?

Multifandom fic challenge generator site. Very much an incomplete work in progress.